Online Scratch Cards

Welcome to our player’s guide to playing online scratch cards. If you are entirely new to the process of playing this fantastic game, then we are going to cover all the areas of need to know information; how to play, what games there are, why you should play them and what can be won from them.


Part One: Accessing Scratch Games Online

When looking to play scratch cards, getting them may prove more difficult than first thought. In the realm of online gambling, the scratch card game is a niche, not overly popular as a casino product by highly in demand by players. Casinos tend not to highlight that they even have them and tuck them into areas called ‘other games. The issue casinos have is that because you have National Lottery games which are more in the public eye, that paying commission to house these games from developers just isn’t worth the cost. That said, the people at this site have made a list of South Africa’s best casinos who provide this form of gaming and the rewards which come with them are not to be ignored.

The casino operators provided give South African players a legal platform to get their gambling experience from. The sites are licensed, and this allows them to become an approved service that meets the gambling laws in SA. The sites are also regulated, this means the scratch card games you play have been fully tested and are certified by the gaming authorities as fair for customers to use.

Part Two: What are Scratch Cards?

So, what are scratch games? Scratch cards have been around for over 50 years, they started as shopping coupons that rewarded goods, then it moved into the area of product prizes which were offered out in magazines. When the 90s landed along with the National Lottery, scratch cards became a regular feature of any high street store selling lottery tickets. The rules of playing are embarrassingly simple and it’s the same no matter what form you play, real or digital. Your online scratch card has three main areas, the panel, the button and the paytable. The panel as symbols hidden behind it, the value of the symbols is noted on the paytable. In order for you to land a win from the game, you must match three symbols, by pressing the button, you reveal the outcome.

The jackpots vary from 100,000 up to 15,000,000 rand. There are smaller prizes to win within all the games and there are many different variations of the game made available. There are options to play scratch cards that provide 3 games in 1. The amount you win is also dictated by the wager you put on the game, the higher you pay to play a game, the higher the rewards will be if you win.


Why Play Casino Games and Not Traditional Ones?

There is a very clear benefit as to why online scratch cards are better than those which are provided by the lottery service. Aside from the convenience of having casino games readily available from your mobile device, the fairness of play from casino scratch games is far greater than those on the high street.

When you play the ‘real’ cards, there is only one jackpot, if this is won, the cards still remain in circulation for players to buy. Head into the casinos and no matter how many times that jackpot is won, the amount is immediately replaced making it fair for all those paying to play the game to be in with a chance of winning.

Try your luck on the instant win lottery games yourself and head to the link to join your preferred SA casino and look out for free bonuses that will allow you to play scratch card games online for free!

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